More than half of the total energy that is used in your home goes towards heating and cooling, this is according to the US Department of Energy.  We take for granted that the HVAC system will work when we want it to and beyond adjusting the thermostat we rarely give it a second thought.  Consider how reliant we are on our HVAC system and how much energy it consumes doesn’t it make sense to switch to an energy efficient HVAC system.  Let’s look at some of reasons why you should consider switching now.

It’s a Good Investment

If an investment gave you a 10% return the most financial advisors would tell you to jump all over it.  Upgrading your HVAC system can so that in a couple of ways.  First you will see the immediate return of having lower energy bills.  Secondly it increases the value of your home.  Homebuyers are pretty savvy and they want an energy efficient system so heating and cooling costs don’t cost a fortune, if you are contemplating selling your home anytime in the next few years then now is the time to look at a high efficiency system that uses less energy and costs less to run.

It’s Better for Commercial Property

If you’re a business owner it only makes sense financially to use the most energy efficient system you can, after all you consume more energy and pay higher bills than residential clients but that isn’t the only reason you should switch.  Advertising your business as eco-friendly is a huge selling point in today’s market.  People want to feel good about the companies that they do business with.  They want to know that business owners care about the environment too and aligning your brand with this cause can do you a world of good.  It opens you up to a whole new clientele that spend their money on brands that take corporate responsibility seriously.

What are Your Options?

Modern HVAC systems have a variety of options that make them user friendly while offering complete temperature control. All of them have programmable digital thermostats so that you can control your heat both when you are at home and during the day while you are at the office.  These systems are built with the goal of conserving energy and ultimately saving you money while at the same time being more convenient than ever.  Never again will you have to worry about whether you turned the thermostat down before you left for work nor will you have to wake up to a cold house.  Most of these systems can be completely controlled from your smart phone.

Upgrading your HVAC system to something more modern and energy efficient is a win-win situation.  You benefit from lower energy bills, your home is more comfortable, it increases your home’s value and you get the added benefit of doing your part to help the environment. If you’re not sure where to begin then contact a local HVAC company, a technician can show you where your system can be improved and how to use as little energy as possible.


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